George Zimmerman verdict

July 20, 2013

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Anthony Weiner for mayor

July 11, 2013

Anthony Weiner was an inspiration for my getting involved in public service.  As a member of Congress, he was the leading advocate for the middle class and those striving to make it there.  Winning the vote of his former constituents in last year’s congressional primary was one of my life’s proudest moments, in no small part because of the vigor with which he represented them:  he’d unquestionably set a high bar for earning their support.  His joining the 2013 New York City mayoral race was a game changer for me, and my role has changed from detached moderator to proud supporter of his campaign.  I’m confident he’s the best candidate to become the city’s next mayor.  I hope you’ll join me in doing all I can to make that a reality.

Anthony Weiner, Ray Cameron, and myself discussing Anthony’s plans as mayor in Queens Village.