Download Family Business and Family Affair

The Family Business album is now available as a stream and download from  You can name your own price to download the album in various formats (from $0 to whatever you want to contribute).  Do yourself a favor and listen to this album in a good system.  Play it in the stereo in your living room.  Play it in your car.  It deserves to be heard in all its glory.

Before the album, the 15-track Family Affair mixtape was released to promote the new project.  This mixtape was “hosted” by the fans and supporters who called into The Fam’s voicemail.  It was initially available for a limited time only, but it has just been added to as a free stream and download.  The mixtape features exclusive tracks, collaborations, interactions with callers, and plenty buggin’ out.  Don’t sleep on gems like EJ’s “Forever Yours,” Timid’s remake of “Mr. Carter,” and my hilariously ignorant “Arby’s Hat.”

If you like what you hear, please “like” it on the pages and use the share links to spread it around.

Download the album and the mixtape.


2 Responses to Download Family Business and Family Affair

  1. tom lentini says:

    check out my lyrics and see if you want to record and release anything>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

  2. The Killah says:

    Yo, put out the The Fam Mixtape (with The Fam) (2003).

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