Floodgate on Free Music Friday

From Free Music Friday:  [The Fam is back on FMF with the “Floodgates.” Due to most of the leakages of their joints, they decided to release an official mixtape called “Floodgates” as a sponge collecting all of the liquid.]

Source:  http://www.rapreviews.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=2727

I was asked this weekend whether the songs on Floodgate would appear on a Fam album.  The short answer is no.  The group song “Broken Down” was created as an early buzz record for a future Fam album, but it would not be on the album itself.  The other songs on Floodgate are solo records, and could potentially end up on future solo projects but will likely remain exclusives to this EP.  So, enjoy this release as a project in its own right.


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