Show Recap: Surprise show in Brooklyn

Show date: June 22, 2009
@ 507 Bar
Brooklyn, NY

Timid and I rolled up to this spot last night expecting only to scope it out for possible future events.  By the time the night was over, it had become the site of our most recent show.

Every Monday night, the homie Cee Rock “The Fury” co-hosts a Hip Hop night at the 507 Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  When we stepped into the building, he was freestyling on stage and quickly name dropped us in his rhyme.  After a few acts and even some comedians threw down (shout outs to These Guys and Tony Touch), he stopped the music to point us out and had the entire place paying us homage.  Then, he gave us a formal introduction and called us up.  Before we knew it, we were on stage with mics in hand.  We had not planned on performing, but in the heat of the moment figured we’d give them a quick acapella and be out.  Timid spit the third verse from “Bringing the Awe” with me backing him up (“I bring with a purpose, my pain to the surface…”).  Then, I heard “Do the back to the car joint!” from the crowd, which is a reference to my verse on the “Homegirls” remix off Family Business.  I’m sure everyone was expecting me to drop that acapella as well, but instead I reached into my pocket and pulled out a backup show CD that we’d made for the album release party in case the DVD didn’t work.  That was an “Ohhhhh!” moment because the affair had just turned from a quick appearance into an impromptu set.

The “Homegirls” on the CD had space for EJ’s verse, so I rapped that myself before doing my own, with Timid closing the song.  Amidst “Do more!” chants from the crowd, we asked them to pick a track number and whatever song came up, we’d do.  “Four” won out, with people asking what song that was.  Our response:  “We’re about to find out.”  The DJ dropped it, and it was Timid’s “3 AM” verse from the Underground Cypher 4 mixtape.  He said, “This isn’t a song.  This is just a verse,” and they replied, “Do it anyway!”  So he did.  Then, we closed with “Mother Said Son” — a song we didn’t even get to do at the album release party.  Cee Rock hit the stage, and we assumed our work was done.  He had other plans.  Timid asked, “What have you got us in a cage up here?”  He called up every MC in the house for a cypher.

Earlier in the night, he was beatboxing on stage while someone rhymed, but this time he supplied the DJ with instrumentals to use.  Those who know me know I never freestyle on stage, so I was just going to spit a random verse to the beat.  When it came on, I started with something along the lines of, “We don’t need no beatbox/ We rock over the beat dropped by Cee Rock” which I was going to use to lead into my verse, but I caught the Holy Ghost and kept coming off the top.  I freestyled for about a minute straight, before passing the mic.  Timid looked nervous, knowing he’d now have to spit his own freestyle.  When the mic came to him, he knocked it out the park too.  The other MCs actually kept passing the mics back to us, and we had to keep giving them more bars.

When it was all said and done, we got love from everyone and had several people wanting to talk business.  There’s even talk of doing something with One Night Stand, which is a Vodka drink.  Overall, the vibe was crazy and I can’t wait to go back.  We’ll definitely be doing more at this spot in the future.  And y’all, take notice — you never know where your boys might pop up.


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