Family Business meets pop culture

D12 scuffle with Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno” character landing on Eminem’s face last Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards.  Though all parties have since admitted to it being a staged stunt (and honestly, it wasn’t that hard to tell to begin with), it still made for entertaining television.  If you didn’t know, Kon Artis from D12 was part of the entourage involved in the scuffle.  Just minutes prior, he was on stage in his new role as Eminem’s hype man.  The song “Get Off My Ass” from Family Business features Kon Artis, who also produced the track under his Mr. Porter production alias.

Listen to “Get Off My Ass” on Vlad TV

Last week, the NBA-themed parody video “Caucasian” by Kno of CunninLynguists went viral when Kanye posted it on his blog, with some people mistakenly believing it was made by Mr. West himself.  It currently has over 160,000 views on YouTube.  It’s also been featured on Real Clear Sports, Sporting News, and Yahoo Sports, and the song has found its way onto mainstream radio.  Around these parts, Kno is known for producing “Four Letters” and more recently, “Interlude” on Family Business.

Family Business is The Fam’s debut group album, and can currently be downloaded from iTunes and wherever music is sold online.  The album release party will take place on Tuesday, June 9 at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City.


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