Pizon interviews Truplaya about 06.09.09

Timid, Cee Rock “The Fury” and Truplaya at Family Reunion, NYC

When I think of monumental events in the history of The Fam, the two that come to mind are my album release party/birthday bash on 12.02.06 and Family Reunion.  The former was the first time all three members of The Fam performed live together, and it will always hold a special place in my heart because it was also the first concert that I really executive-produced from top to bottom.  I put in months of planning to make it the best experience possible.  It was so organized that there weren’t even clearly defined sets during the main part of the show; we had a rotating format where artists would emerge from backstage for collaborations and perform their material leading up to the surprise finale with the live band.  That night set the bar.  It became the basis for the I Am Hip Hop DVD.  I honestly didn’t think I could ever top it.  If any event did, it was the following year’s Family Reunion concert in the same building.  That night had the same epic feel, except the performances were even more polished.  It once again served as my birthday bash, doubled as Timid’s album release party, and additionally celebrated EJ’s move to New York City to complete the Fam album.  With said album releasing on June 2, we now prepare to outdo ourselves once again with another landmark event:  06.09.09.

June 9 will be the Family Business album release party at the Bowery in downtown NYC.  This will be the third show in the trilogy (if you’re into numbers, notice how three is a factor of the month, date, and year).  We are again going all out to make it the best Hip Hop show of the year.  When I think of qualities these supershows have in common, I think of artists giving it their all, special surprises and touches that make the nights extra memorable, and people coming from all over the country to witness the magic.  Artists, fans, friends, family, and supporters have traveled from upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Maryland, DC, Virginia, and more to rock with us at 12.02.06 and Family Reunion.  I expect this year to be no different.  In anticipation, I decided to interview Truplaya:  our most dedicated supporter from Baltimore who has seen Fam shows in three different states.

Pizon: You’ve been in the crowd for 12.02.06 and Family Reunion.  What was your favorite moment from both shows?

Truplaya: Overall, I would have to say my favorite moment from 12.02.06 was finally getting to see The Fam perform as a whole.  It was my first time meeting EJ, as I had seen you and Timid prior to in Philly.  My favorite Family Reunion moment was the surprise step performance during the show.  Those girls were on point!

Pizon: What are you expecting from this show?

Truplaya: Another BANGIN’ ASS SHOW!  (Pause.)

Pizon: What separates a Fam show from other rappers’ shows?

Truplaya: QUALITY!  The Fam never ceases to amaze me.  You all are about bringing it lyrically, setting the standard, while delivering an entertaining show.

Pizon: These shows have become “destination events” with people traveling from all over the country.  What do you have to say to New Yorkers who make excuses for missing it?

Truplaya: They buggin’.  If you’re in NY, there are no excuses.

Pizon: What was it like traveling from Baltimore for 12.02.06 and then having to catch a flight early the next morning?

Truplaya: CRAZY.  [Laughs.]  I was full of mad adrenaline that night.  The drive up was easy.  Going back, though, sleep was surely upon me.  [Laughs.]  Thank goodness for a cell phone, but I’m glad I did it.  It was well worth it.

Pizon: You already have Family Business and said you can’t take it out of your stereo (ordering a Fam t-shirt entitled fans to an early copy of the album).  What’s your favorite track so far?

Truplaya: #11 [“Devil On the Doorstep”].

Pizon: Any additional comments?

Truplaya: I’m proud of y’all fellas, man.  Keep making QUALITY music.  Congrats on this latest project.


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