Pizon interviews EJ about the album and show

Pizon: What’s your favorite song on Family Business?

EJ: I’d have to say I like “Get Off My Ass” the best.  I think it’s on a completely different vibe from what other commercial groups are making and that’s really our goal overall.

Pizon: What’s the best track that hasn’t been leaked yet?

EJ: “Fast Life.”  Because I’m the shit.  [Laughs.]  Such a Timid answer.

Pizon: How did it feel to be told by a US veteran that “Devil On the Doorstep” really hit him?

EJ: That really meant something.  With the climate Hip Hop has been in lately, I can’t imagine a lot of songs are hitting people like they used to.  You just can’t feel the fluff like you can real artistic material.  It makes me feel like what we represent and the things we’re doing are really worth more than a dollar sign at the end of the day.

Pizon: When we were recording that, I was thinking it was more of an anti-war statement than pro-military.  Were you surprised his reaction was so positive?

EJ: Really, I don’t even think a lot of the soldiers are in agreement with the war.  Maybe that’s just my personal opinion.  To me it seems like they’re doing it for all the right reasons and I support them for that decision, but I don’t think they’re in complete agreement with the reasoning behind the war itself.  So it’s not surprising that they’d hear that and like it.

Pizon: What’s the best thing and worst thing about being a solo artist doing a group album?

EJ: The best would be the fact that we’re used to writing more per song.  Coming up with one verse for a group song is nothing once you’ve been doing solo songs for a while.  The worst thing is the lack of focus at times.  When we all got multiple solo projects we’re worried about, it becomes hectic for the group material to get done.

Pizon: What can the fans look forward to at the album release party on June 9?

EJ: I think they can look at our track record for shows and know they’re in for something special.  We always try to go out of our way to put on the best performance possible, no matter how big the event is.  They’ll definitely get their money’s worth.

Pizon: And this is definitely a big event.  After the I Am Hip Hop release party and Family Reunion, this show will complete the trilogy.  What did you like most about those shows?

EJ: I think they were both well put together events.  We did it all from the ground up and when I look back at the footage it shows me that it was really all worth it in the end.  I can’t name one small thing that really sticks out.  It’s just how the entire production came together from beginning to end.  It’s like a director watching his movie after putting years into it.  A work of art.

Pizon: In retrospect, you flew from Texas for the first show and drove from Texas for the second.  Are you walking from Texas for this one?

EJ: I’d rather take a bike, but with my luck I’d get a flat and end up walking anyway.  I should hitchhike one year and we can bet on how long it’ll take me.

Pizon: For the record, you will indeed be traveling from Texas to New York once again for the show.  A feature at these events has been people coming in from all different states, sometimes leaving out the same night.  What do you have to say to New Yorkers who are complaining that it’s during the week?

EJ: Quit your job.  You don’t like your boss anyway.  [Laughs.]  I think New York needs to be revived.  People will find any excuse out there to miss an event nowadays.  But we still have a decent crowd.  The people who show up know that it was worth every minute of their time.


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