“Get Off My Ass” featured on RapCypher

The France-based Hip Hop blog RapCypher.com has posted “Get Off My Ass” and described it as a slaughter:

Je le poste parce que c’est une tuerie, mais sérieux, je suis déçu ne pas avoir le MP3 à me mettre sous la dent.
En espérant qu’il ne tarde pas trop, voici le dernier The Fam, Get off My Ass, avec Kon Artis (D-12) en feat.

Although the single has yet to be officially serviced to DJs, it has been building viral momentum since debuting on the so-called TMZ of Hip Hop, Vlad TV, where it has accumulated over 46,000 plays in two short weeks and remains one of the hottest songs on that site.

“Get Off My Ass” will appear on The Fam’s upcoming Family Business album.  According to the latest press release:  Family Business is scheduled to be released pre-summer 2009 and marks the first official album release from the collaboration of these three solo artists.


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