Similarities between Family Business and I Am Hip Hop

Believe it or not, this isn’t a series of Lincoln/Kennedy fashioned coincidences.  Most of this is by design, especially with regards to the sequencing.  Perhaps due to my acting background, I approach all my projects like movies.  When I released And Then There Was One, I was adamant that it wasn’t the “sequel” to I Am Hip Hop, but more like the “one year later” update scene you get while the credits are rolling.  In some ways, Family Business can be regarded as the next feature in the series.  Of course, it’s more different than it is similar:  as a Fam group project, it’s just as much EJ’s and Timid’s album as it is mine, and it’s a much better record than anything I previously released in every way possible — from the lyrics, to the beats, to the actual recordings and mixes.  With that said, these parallels are worth noting.

  • Both albums have central themes that repeat and tie the songs together, in addition to following a loose story arc.
  • Both albums offer opposing viewpoints on the same topics that are shaped by circumstances within the album.
  • Both albums have tracks produced by Domingo, Kno, and Timid.
  • Track 4 on both albums is produced by Kno.
  • Track 6 on both albums is non-sample based.
  • Track 9 on both albums is a love song (about the same woman?) and features guest vocals from a male singer.
  • Track 10 on both albums is a posse cut.  More specifically, Timid and EJ appear on track 10 on both albums (along with others).
  • Both albums have 14 tracks.
  • Both albums are 45 minutes in length.
  • Both albums feature the voice of Janely Marin as a character in a skit (she reprises her role).
  • Both albums feature a version of the song “Homegirls” (the remix is the last track on Family Business).

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