Like OMG, is that totally your number?

At the risk of sounding unappreciative of my supporters (I love all of y’all, I swear), I often get asked silly things.  Maybe it’s my OCD, but I do try to hit everyone back regardless of how stupid unusual the questions may be.  But I can’t help it:  When people email me on MySpace asking, “So, where are you from?” or “What kind of music do you make?” when that information is right in front of their eyes, it makes me want to bang my head against the wall.  The one that’s been coming up frequently as of late has been “Is that really your number?” or some variation thereof.

Let’s think about this question for a minute.

They’re referring to the (212) 845-9935 number that appears after my name with the words “call me at” preceding it.  So my question is:  If I’m telling you to call me at that number, whose number do you think it is?  That’s a silly question to ask without even looking at my page, which you should do before sending me a message anyway.  If you’re really asking if it’s a private number, it obviously isn’t because it’s listed on a public site.  And when you click on my profile, these additional details should jump out at you:

  1. There’s a big ass banner at the very top of the page that repeats the number in a huge font with the text:  “Leave a message for The Fam.  We want to hear from you!” and links to our SayNow page which explains everything about the line.
  2. The number is again repeated on the side of the page with the text:  “Call to leave a msg & get updates DIRECTLY from me!  You can also connect with other fans!” and all the voice messages left by fans who’ve called the line are posted directly on the page.
  3. The Fam, EJ, and Timid in my top 8 all have the same phone number after their names.
  4. If you click on the banner to go to this site, you’ll again see the number and the messages left by fans in the Voicemail section.

In light of this, people are still trying to send text messages to the line and get offended when I don’t respond (I can’t,* because it’s not a cell phone — call me does NOT mean text me).  Girls are sending me messages demanding to know my cell number, as though they’re entitled to it now because a phone number was posted.  Other artists are now posting up their actual cell phones on MySpace, because they think that’s what we did and they’re trying to compete.  No hate if that’s your thing, but between the Fam we’ve got over 100,000 fans on MySpace and it would be crazy to put our cells up.

* Yet.  This actually is being worked on and people may be able to text into the line soon.  For now, if you must text send THEFAM to 729669 and it’ll be as if you called.

With all that said, it is a fully functional line and it’s a great tool for us to keep in touch with our fans.  It’s free for everyone, and we can’t see anyone’s number, but we can return voicemails and even call people back directly.  We can send broadcasts and texts to everyone letting them know what’s going on and give them access to exclusive content.  As I write this, there have been almost 2,000 calls into the line and we used the best messages on our Family Affair mixtape that we gave out to the fans for free.

In summary, yes it is really my number and yes I do want you to call it.

But I had to vent.  From now on I should just link people to this post.  I might need to write a whole Silly Question FAQ.  It’s probably all a waste of time, because the people who read aren’t the ones asking the WTF? questions to begin with.  Maybe the next time a blonde chick sends me an email, I’ll just ask her:  “So, are you a boy or a girl?  And what color is your hair?”


5 Responses to Like OMG, is that totally your number?

  1. Hey Pizon, you are totally right dude…THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL…duh! Some girls are real dense, its all good though because obviously they want to know you and give you props….but hey, isn’t reading fundamental, lmao. Ok that being said, I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you and the rest of the FAM for keeping your hopes up. Never give up on your dreams and keep writing from the heart, not what some dude wants you to write but from deep within…yeh you know those feelings and thoughts you just need to get out. I can’t wait to purchase your cd, and see a concert. When is it happening? Soon I hope. I tryed downloading the mix tape to no avail as the link was not working correctly, then again maybe it was my laptop since a bunch of stuff kept coming up so I will look into that as a possibility for not being able to download it. Finally, I’d like to say that I loved the Inferno, and My Piano Weeps…the words are deep and mean so much to me (and all your fans), you put down on paper what most of us have on on minds, then you add music and make us just that happier about what we are all thinking of. ITS OFF THE HOOK! Yo pa, listen you have been waiting for the success that will come from this cd release, and believe me success will be had JUST REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR HEAD AND YOUR HEART IN THE “WRITE” (right) place…Keep focused and do your thing pa. Life is hard at times, but you haveto keep on believing and hoping for better….FUCK THAT FIGHT FOR BETTER BABY BOY! OMG its a run on sentence gotta go. Mucho amor y carino….Raquel SKY

  2. Pizon says:

    Thanks, Raquel… That definitely puts a smile on my face. You should have told me you were having the problems downloading the mixtape! I’ll email you.

  3. Joey says:

    I can help you. No doubt people are idiots, so whenever you get another idiotic message, just start replying with this survey:

    I’d be so happy to know these things about you. I would feel connected to you in indescribable transcendent ways. Everyone should achieve this level of intimacy. Please fill in the blanks and repost this so that everyone can see.

    I often pick my _______.
    I want to fuck _______ Brady.
    The world would be a better place if we killed off the _______ people.
    I have a mysterious fungus on my _______.
    I’ve tasted my own _______.
    Even though I’m ashamed to admit it, I sometimes get aroused by _______.
    I once shoved a _______ up my ass.
    I want to _______ Oprah.

    Wow, I feel closer to you already.

  4. Janely says:

    Hey are you selling head airs??? LMFAO

  5. Janely says:

    oooopsssssssss did i mean air headssss???? LOL

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