POLL: Are texts as urgent as phone calls?

This caught so much traction on Facebook and MySpace that I had to introduce it here.  We’re going to settle this argument once and for all through the poll that you will find on the right side of this page.*  Now, everyone seems to agree that circumstances will impact the respective urgency levels, but we’re voting on “IN GENERAL” which one is more urgent.  If this poll is successful, I can see it becoming a regular feature on the site.


Texts are more urgent 6%
Texts are less urgent 71%
Same urgency 24%

Here’s the background.  Feel free to add your own comments below:

Let me preface this by admitting I don’t like talking on the phone most of the time and would usually prefer to text. But I still don’t believe a text message is on the same level as a phone call when it comes to urgency. For one, if I’m doing something (like SLEEPING), the text isn’t going to interrupt me. A phone call will. I can answer the text at my earliest convenience, but have to either pick up the phone when it’s ringing or miss the call. Therefore, I see the text as less urgent than a phone call, and only slightly more urgent than an email.  Isn’t that how it goes?

This started because I texted both Timid and EJ at 8 AM this morning with a marketing idea that had just popped into my head for Family Business. EJ responded right away saying he liked the idea, and Timid IMed me hours later to complain about my etiquette.

Timid (11:12:47 AM): wtf are you doing up at 8 fucking AM texting me when i’m trying to sleep damn ‘tard
Pizon (11:13:14 AM): texts should never wake you up, that’s your bad
Pizon (11:13:21 AM): they’re supposed to be read when you wake up
Timid (11:13:31 AM): that’s emails byatch
Pizon (11:13:55 AM): same shit, texts are mini emails
Timid (11:16:59 AM): except i dont have to pay for emails punk
Pizon (11:17:19 AM): haha that has nothing to do with time of day
Timid (11:17:37 AM): it does when it’s 8 am and i’m not going to act on it, so it can wait
Timid (11:17:41 AM): text is urgent right now shit
Pizon (11:18:33 AM): subscribing to that theory is buying into the phone call = text culture
Pizon (11:18:48 AM): if it was mad urgent a call would be more appropriate
Timid (11:19:07 AM): yup and if it was you should have
Timid (11:19:26 AM): text are for when it’s too damn loud to hear via phone call and it’s right now shit
Timid (11:19:48 AM): like “hey mother fucker we are outside of SOB’s let us the fuck in”
Timid (11:19:54 AM): that’s a text message
Pizon (11:20:32 AM): in a world where everyone has Blackberries and iPhones, a text is only slightly more urgent than an email
Pizon (11:20:51 AM): but they’re basically on the same level, for most purposes
Timid (11:21:42 AM): yea but one is free and one isn’t
Pizon (11:21:47 AM): the length of the message has more to do with it than the urgency.. if it’s a sentence or so, it’s gonna be a text
Timid (11:21:50 AM): so email byatch
Pizon (11:22:08 AM): the price is another issue… I think most people have free texts now though right?
Timid (11:22:57 AM): i only have 200 free text messages
Pizon (11:24:52 AM): I don’t think EJ checks his email often, so I’d have to send you an email and him a text.
Timid (11:25:30 AM): and texts wake me up
Pizon (11:25:48 AM): email and text should both make a noise, they do on my phone
Timid (11:26:13 AM): nope, i turned mine off so i dont get notified when emails come in

* The poll is now closed.


One Response to POLL: Are texts as urgent as phone calls?

  1. EJ says:

    LOL. I always check my email. Just because I don’t respond doesn’t mean I don’t read them.

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