FamTV Becomes Mogulus Verified Channel

We’re proud to announce that FamTV has officially become a Mogulus verified channel.  FamTV is the 24/7 online video network launched by The Fam’s Pizon, Timid, and EJ that broadcasts footage from the group’s events, music videos, behind the scenes coverage, and more.  It also contains an on-demand service that allows viewers to access featured content at their convenience.  In addition, the FamTV chat room has been used to host weekly and impromptu chats between fans and members of the group.  FamTV will begin airing live broadcasts in the near future.

As a Mogulus verified channel, FamTV is now able to stream to unlimited concurrent viewers.  It is also now listed in the Mogulus Channel Guide and eligible for promotion throughout the Mogulus Network.  This means that FamTV will be carried to more viewers and will enjoy more visibility than ever before.

To watch FamTV anytime, go to www.mogulus.com/famtv.  FamTV can also be accessed via this site, or The Fam’s MySpace pages.


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