DJ Girl 6 on Page Six, album updates and more

Can’t say I wasn’t taken aback by Saturday’s New York Post headline.  Not that I expect the Murdoch-owned “newspaper” to be fair and balanced, but “Now Rot!” is an awfully vile and excessively judgmental statement for someone convicted of… trying to get his stuff back.  On the other hand, Rupert’s son is responsible for financing Rawkus, so maybe I should be grateful and chill on the criticisms of the Post and protests of Fox News for now.

I only bring it up to give props to my buddy DJ Girl 6, who was mentioned in the famed Page Six section of said issue.  That’s a very big deal:  “Page Sixer” has replaced “A-lister” in the Hollywood lexicon.  Normally I don’t call attention to events unrelated to me.  I picked up a few copies to give to her the next time I see her…

On Saturday, I was in the city with Timid scouting a possible location for the Family Business listening party.  We’re in talks with the management and just need to iron out the details.  We spent all of Sunday working on mastering the album.  The original people we were going to use didn’t come through for us (nobody in this business is reliable), so we’re doing it ourselves.  I drove around New York last night bumping the CD in the car and figuring out which songs still needed to be tweaked.  Y’all know how much of a perfectionist I am, so believe me when I tell you this album is almost ready to go.  In the meantime, keep blasting the mixtape.

Also this weekend, my TV show Pi and I received Honorable Mention for a Monty Award in Maryland.  I should pull a Kanye and flip out because it didn’t win the grand prize.  Shout out to I-Dog for holding me down at the award ceremony.

Stay tuned… Blockbuster announcements are coming up within the next few days…


3 Responses to DJ Girl 6 on Page Six, album updates and more

  1. gotta agree with you in the sense that it’s kinda fucked up to see “NOW ROT”, in the sense that these people that see oj as the killer of nicole brown and ronald goldman are feeling oj is getting his just due. whether he is or isn’t isn’t up to me, whether he’s the killer or not, i wasn’t there so i don’t know. but i would think if they feel so strong that he is, that whole “eye for an eye” situation (in which you talked about once before), is being used here and now the man they despise and are telling to rot, by showing such despisement and obvious hatred, they are lowering themselve to that level. remember, eye for an eye never ends. not saying that i am, but if i was someone that truly believed oj was innocent, and something tragic happend to the writer that wrote that title and i said to that person “NOW ROT”, would that make me a bad guy, or just as low as he was? or is it ok to say that as he had no problem to say it?

    and homie, never stop being outspoken. like it is with me, i’m sure it’s a part of you and you just can’t help it. stay doin you. it’s when we back off from being outspoken, we sit ther eand accept what is wrong.

    much respect
    iLL P

  2. Sarah Johnson says:

    That’s Awesome!!!!!

  3. dras says:

    riding around your city and bumpin your music is always the way to figure out what needs to be fixed. idk what it is but it helps you think clearer.

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