Compare Pizon’s birthday with other rappers’

December 29, 2008

RIP, Pizon’s Personal Birthday Cake
12/2/08 – 12/02/08

As many of you know, I celebrated my birthday earlier this month.  So it’s somewhat fitting that by pure coincidence, I just stumbled upon this site called Peepfolio that lists the birthdays of the “famous and infamous”… and I spotted myself on the Rappers page.  Hopefully I belong to the former category, but either way it’s an honor to have my name included on such a relatively short list of rappers.

It also makes me feel good to realize I’m one of the youngest (a whole 10 years younger than Black Thought, Eminem, and Jermaine Dupri!).

Find out when your favorite rapper was born here.

Obama writes about “pussy” in his book

December 26, 2008

I’m just now reading his first memoir, Dreams from My Father, and I find it amusing due to the fact that being the next US president (and the first black one at that), he’s been forced to walk on eggshells.  Catching a glimpse of his more “human” side from before he entered politics is refreshing.

And yes, he really does mention “pussy” in the book.  It reassures me that I won’t be castrated for having used potentially offensive language when I get deeper into public service.

BlackBerry convo on this very important subject:

Dippi signed in.
Pizon: You read Obama’s books?
Dippi: naa
Dippi: books? You mean those things people read made of paper instead of screens?
Pizon: Lol
Pizon: I think it’s dope our next president has written about “pussy” in a book
Dippi: haha thats fuckin funny
Pizon: Talking about how someone told him to “get that pussy”
Dippi: clinton could only wish he could get away with being so upfront
Pizon: Yea I read Clinton’s book, he wasn’t that forthcoming at all
Pizon: Imagine Obama did his speeches like that tho
Pizon: “There is no black pussy, or white pussy.  There is only United States pussy!”
Dippi: now that would be classic
Dippi: “now go out there, and get you some pussy!”
Pizon: “my opponent claims I want to redistribute the pussy wealth.  But shouldn’t those with the least pussy be awarded the same pussy opportunities as the rest of us?”
Dippi: WORD UP
Dippi: im very for the pussy redistribution policy
Pizon: Haha but Joe the Porn Star wholeheartedly disagrees
Pizon: Even though he’s really Joe Six Inch and we all know he gets no pussy
Dippi: lol

New Year’s Eve Bash – Travis Barker, DJ AM, DJ Girl 6, Timid, Pizon

December 16, 2008


New Year’s Nation – New Year’s Eve Bash
10 cities – 15,000 people

Travis Barker & DJ AM
DJ Girl 6 backed by Timid with Pizon

December 31, 2008
8:30 PM – 2:00 AM
@ The Lot
1041 North Formosa Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046

• 5-Hour Premium Open Bar
• Champagne Reception Upon Arrival
• Champagne Toast at Midnight
• Passed Hors D’Oeuvres and Food Stations
• Live Broadcast Connecting All 10 Cities

DJ Girl 6 on Page Six, album updates and more

December 8, 2008

Can’t say I wasn’t taken aback by Saturday’s New York Post headline.  Not that I expect the Murdoch-owned “newspaper” to be fair and balanced, but “Now Rot!” is an awfully vile and excessively judgmental statement for someone convicted of… trying to get his stuff back.  On the other hand, Rupert’s son is responsible for financing Rawkus, so maybe I should be grateful and chill on the criticisms of the Post and protests of Fox News for now.

I only bring it up to give props to my buddy DJ Girl 6, who was mentioned in the famed Page Six section of said issue.  That’s a very big deal:  “Page Sixer” has replaced “A-lister” in the Hollywood lexicon.  Normally I don’t call attention to events unrelated to me.  I picked up a few copies to give to her the next time I see her…

On Saturday, I was in the city with Timid scouting a possible location for the Family Business listening party.  We’re in talks with the management and just need to iron out the details.  We spent all of Sunday working on mastering the album.  The original people we were going to use didn’t come through for us (nobody in this business is reliable), so we’re doing it ourselves.  I drove around New York last night bumping the CD in the car and figuring out which songs still needed to be tweaked.  Y’all know how much of a perfectionist I am, so believe me when I tell you this album is almost ready to go.  In the meantime, keep blasting the mixtape.

Also this weekend, my TV show Pi and I received Honorable Mention for a Monty Award in Maryland.  I should pull a Kanye and flip out because it didn’t win the grand prize.  Shout out to I-Dog for holding me down at the award ceremony.

Stay tuned… Blockbuster announcements are coming up within the next few days…

“Dreams Come True” a music priority for East Coast Digital Radio

December 3, 2008

With the releases of the Family Affair mixtape and upcoming Family Business album, The Fam’s “Dreams Come True” maintains its presence on the charts.  This is the latest music priorities list from, a leading site for breaking rap music.

East Coast Digital Radio-1st Week Of December 2008 Music Priorities

01. Swissivory, Young Droppa, B. Stone “Come On”
02. ISWHAT?! “A Bronx Tale Soul Take”
03. Gwap Boyz “Bend” ft Kiotti
04. Black-Steele “Gangsta Lean”
05. Abiss “Heart Beat Hop”
06. Lix dot Kong ft. Inga Indi “She’s Amazing”
07. Da Free Agents “My Dream” ft Royce Da 5’9
08. The Fam “Dreams Come True”
09. WMS THE SULTAN Feat Kool G Rap, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Q, Leanne, Static, Lady Luck, Grafh “Eastcoast Music Part 2”
10. Atllas “This Is My Show” (Street)
11. Rasheeda “Boss Chick” (Clean)