On stage at the Casbah – Trump Taj Mahal

Co-hosting the Twilight party with Timid and DJ Girl 6

Trying to figure out how to take pics with the new BlackBerry*

Here are a couple of the photos I shot of the crowd with my phone…

Quick recap:  It was definitely a wild experience on Saturday.  DJ Girl 6 was spinning at the Casbah in Atlantic City, and Timid and I ended up co-hosting for her.  We basically just acted a fool on stage and hyped up the crowd all night.  Since it was a Twilight-themed party, people were dressed as vampires.  I saw some really freaky stuff.  Before the club, we had to make an emergency run to a local party store to make sure Girl 6 had her costume ready.  I considered rocking some fangs myself.  By the end of the night, I was tipsy off the free bottle of Grey Goose kept on stage that was provided by the club, and we crashed in the complimentary room at the Trump.  We had to get back on the road early Sunday morning, so we didn’t even have time to blow our money at the poker tables.

* On a related note, I’m already addicted to the Storm.  The click-screen took some getting used to, and I’m still not typing as fast as I was on my Treo, but I’m getting there.  It’s good to have all my messages organized so neatly on my phone, and I’m glad Verizon finally has a reasonable unlimited data plan.  So far I think it beats the iPhone, especially when you factor in the network.


One Response to On stage at the Casbah – Trump Taj Mahal

  1. Timid says:

    Nah doesn’t beat the iPhone at all except in the camera (3.2 mp, dope)!

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