I know how a mother feels…

…when she suddenly finds herself without child, and though she knows now is when the real work begins, she has a hard time coping with the fact the baby has left her womb.  It’s been two years since the Family Business album was conceived, and for the past several months I’ve been in the final stages of carrying it to term.  One might say it’s overdue.  But as I hold the CD with the finished mixes in hand — no longer taking shape in the confines of my studio — I’m starting to feel hollow.  Call it postalbum depression.

Seriously, though, I’m excited this project is finally coming out.  I’ve been up all night doing last minute adjustments.  As soon as the post office opens, I will be sending it off to the mastering engineer.  He’ll work his magic, and we’ll be one step closer to the official release.

Update on the Release Schedule

The original plan was for the album to be released the first week of December so it could coincide with the Family Reunion show, as we’ve done with a different album for the past three years.  Blame the economic meltdown on that not happening.  That threw a wrench in everyone’s plans.  As it stands now, I don’t know when the physical CDs will be available, but there’s a good chance they won’t hit stores until early 2009.  I made a vow that the album would be out by the end of this year, and I intend to keep that promise just like I delivered the mixtape on time.  This means that in order to make sure the music is out by the end of ’08, we’re looking at an early digital release in December.

One disguised blessing about the pushback is it gave us more time to get a new hook done for a song that was about to be cut altogether.  We’re also planning the release of the next single, which will drop with the album, as well as our plan of attack for marketing and promoting the project.  We didn’t spend two years working on it for it to go unnoticed, and we want to make sure everything is done right.  A group album is never easy to pull off, and these trying times are making the task even more challenging.  But I guarantee it’s well worth the wait!

As always, thanks for rocking with us.  Keep checking back for updates, because they’ll be made as soon as we know more.


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