Limited time offer: Free DVD with purchase of CD

For a limited time, CD Baby orders of Pizon’s debut album I Am Hip Hop (La Scala Entertainment) will come with the DVD of the same name.  The online store recently sold out of the album once again, and was just re-stocked along with copies of the I Am Hip Hop DVD as a sign of gratitude to the fans who continue to support this landmark release.  In 2007, the album was picked up by the legendary Rawkus Records and re-released via the award-winning Rawkus 50 movement, however original CD copies remain under the control of Pizon’s own La Scala label on which the album was first issued.

As for the I Am Hip Hop DVD, it was directed by Pizon himself and contains a documentary on the themes presented on the album interlaced with footage from the exhilarating album release party, packed with hilarious and insightful extras.  Go behind the scenes just days before the concert as Pizon rehearses with the live band in a hole-in-the-wall Brooklyn studio, and see actual decisions concerning the show being made in real time.  Watch Pizon’s mid-show reaction while backstage between two of his sets.  Get candid responses from members of the audience about the moment they’re witnessing.  Witness the revealing tales recounted by Pizon’s peers, including an action-adventure story about the time he and a friend took a spontaneous road trip to Miami.  The DVD features Timid and EJ of The Fam, DJ Peter Parker (Marley Marl’s Future Flavas Online), Q-Unique (Psycho+Logical-Records), and much more.  Until now, the only way to obtain a copy was to make a donation to Hip Hop Is Not the Enemy, the organization started by Pizon to help fight domestic violence in the name of Hip Hop.  For a limited time, the I Am Hip Hop DVD will also be included with orders of the I Am Hip Hop album from CD Baby.  Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll be seeing.  This is the first chapter of the DVD:

Pizon is currently promoting his group The Fam’s single “Dreams Come True” — which has received notable airplay and coverage throughout the world — and preparing the release of The Fam’s debut album Family Business, scheduled for a 4th quarter 2008 release.  The pre-album mixtape Family Affair, to be hosted by the fans, is due out later this month.


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