EJ on the completion of Family Business

“My whole family’s on the grind”
Written by EJ
Source: memoirsofastar.wordpress.com

For those that have been living under a rock, The Fam album is soon to be finished. So close, in fact, that the creative process has come to an end. We’re done recording. This is a huge milestone for me, because Family Business is my first full length album. My official debut into the business. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t buy this album.. I’m never speaking to you again.

Last weekend was pretty hectic for me. Friday my lovely job informed me that they needed me to work Sunday. Saturday and Sunday were suppose to be our final mixing days for the album. Meaning I was suppose to drive out to Long Island to the engineer’s crib and go through all the songs to make final adjustments before it gets sent in to be professionally mastered. This is something I couldn’t skip, and delaying it would have meant the whole album process gets delayed. I couldn’t have that. I was determined to have my cake and eat it too.

Saturday morning I woke up early (thats like noon for me) and drove out to Long Island. Thats a decent 1 1/2 to 2 hour trip from my house. I didn’t realize until after I got there that one of the tracks for the album needed to be completely re-recorded. So that took a couple hours. After that and the drive, I was tired.. so I took an hour nap on the couch in the studio. I woke up and we went through the other songs, tweaking what needed to be done, then we burned all of the songs for the album on a CD and gave it the road test. When you’re mixing an album, its important to hear it from as many different types of places as possible (in a car, on studio speakers, in headphones, etc.) to get the best quality mixes. After the hour long ride around town in my car it was like 2 AM. I still had a song I wanted to record for my solo album, so we worked on that and got it out the way.

Its like 4 AM when I’m ready to leave the lab, but when I get out to my car my damn GPS is broke. GPS might not be important for most people, but I’m from Texas and don’t know my way around New York for shit. So I had Pi print me up directions from Mapquest. The only reason I mentioned this is.. can you imagine how ridiculous I looked trying to read directions AS I’M DRIVING in the dark? Swerving all over the place.

This album has taken us a year and a half to complete. Its been a Long Hard Road, to say the least. But as happy as I am to release my first major product, I’m even more pleased that I’ve had this opportunity. So to Pizon, Timid, Mr. Porter, Gary Botello, Xplosive Productions, Beatz on Deck, Brady, Domingo, Mister KA, Millz, Sermstyle, Jacob, Fedarro, Amanda, I-Dog, Bam and Aday.. thank you. Some of you were a pain in the fucking ass to work with, but it was all worth it in the end.


Notes from Pi:  I fully intend to have the album sent to mastering this week, so we can get the pre-album mixtape out this month as promised.  Between finishing the album, promoting the single, putting the mixtape together, and other simultaneous projects, I’m about ready to retire… in more ways than one.  Must… keep… pushing.  More big news on the way.  PS:  Even with my legendary memory, I wouldn’t be able to list off all those producers off the top of my head.  I’m going to need help with the liner notes.


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