Family Affair on SayNow blog

September 30, 2008

SayNow is running a story about the Family Affair mixtape on its official blog.  The voice messages used on the project were collected through The Fam’s voicemail service, which is powered by SayNow.

The Fam announced that they’ve just dropped a new mixtape called Family Affair and it can be downloaded for FREE right now over at Head Nod Music. And, as a tribute to their fans, they’ve included some fan messages they’ve gotten via SayNow. Sweet!

To get voice and text updates from The Fam, leave your own messages, and interact with other fans, call 212-845-9935.  And don’t forget to download the Family Affair mixtape!

Inside look at Family Business cover shoot

September 29, 2008

It’s strictly business around these parts…

Toasting to a job well done

Timid playing a real life version of Resident Evil with Pizon as the zombie

You might be the next victim…

Wait, what were we supposed to be doing again?  Damn.  More shooting this afternoon.

Timid’s PSA on Family Affair

September 28, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To get these updates sent directly to your phone for free, call 212-845-9935. Family Affair is the new mixtape released by The Fam, hosted by the fans who subscribe to the group’s voicemail update service.  The Fam’s album Family Business is coming soon.

Download the mixtape now.

Family Affair write-up on RapCypher

September 28, 2008

Our friends in France have posted up the Family Affair mixtape and had this to say about it on  Get your translators ready:

Le trio venu du Queens, The Fam débarque avec une nouvelle mixtape, Family Affair ou on retrouve le groupe pour des inédits, des remix et quelques remakes, le tout rassemblé pour faire de cette tape une petite bombe, avec en bonus une bonne idée, faire appel au fans plutôt qu’à un DJ pour nous présenter leur produit, c’est la classe!Et n’oubliez pas, Family Business le premier album de The Fam, bientôt disponible! 

Is the mixtape really une petite bombeDownload it now and judge for yourself.

Free Download: Family Affair – Hosted by The Fans

September 26, 2008

(Click image to view larger cover art.)

1 – The Fam – Intro 2:41
2 – The Fam – Dreams Come True (feat. Jacob) 3:55
3 – The Fam – True Fans 4:10
4 – The Fam – Mr. Carter 4:41
5 – The Fam – Eloquence 3:18
6 – The Fam – Be For Real 1:49
7 – The Fam – Montana Calls The Fam 0:32
8 – The Fam – Arby’s Hat (feat. I-Dog) 4:27
9 – The Fam – The Fam Calls Montana 0:45
10 – The Fam – Forever Yours 3:26
11 – The Fam – Robot City (feat. Random, YTCracker, and Protoman) 2:46
12 – The Fam – Learn to Unlearn 3:01
13 – The Fam – Must Be Me 3:57
14 – The Fam – Hustle to the Top 2:23
15 – The Fam – No Air Remix (feat. Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown) 4:12

Download mixtape as ZIP. (new link)

Show Recap: Fish Eye, Brooklyn

September 25, 2008

Show date: September 24, 2008
@ Fish Eye
Brooklyn, NY

It’s 7:00 in the morning right now, and I haven’t slept yet since last night’s show.  That’s usually a sign that things went pretty well.  Either that, or really bad — but I assure you it’s the former.  This wasn’t even billed as a “show” per se, so I myself didn’t know what to expect going in.  I was just contacted by the promoter, K. Woo, who told me she was throwing this party at a spot called Fish Eye in Brooklyn.  She arranged for me to appear on the flyer and make a special guest appearance.  On the flyer, it was being advertised as Get Ready for Miami: The Pre-Miami Carnival Event.  (In the middle of Canarsie.  Go figure that one out.)  Nonetheless, when I spoke with K. Woo over the phone, she told me I could also perform if I wanted.  Later, she’d ask if I’d do “Dreams Come True” so that became the plan.  I brought Timid along with me, and we rolled into BK thinking it was going to be some kind of reggae club night with a short performance in the middle.

Here comes the fun part of the story.  Timid always gets hungry right before a performance, so we hit up a Burger King near the club.  We pulled up at 10:44 PM.  Despite the sign on the door saying they closed at 11, and all the lights being on, the doors were locked.  So, we got back in the car and tried the drive thru.  After a few seconds of silence, I was like, “They’re probably just going to ignore us.”  Timid said, “Probably.”  Then a quiet voice whispered something that I’m assuming translated roughly to, “Can I help you?” but only because I’m not sure what else could be said in such a situation.  While trying to decipher, I heard a faint “Hello?”  When I tried to order, she said:  “Hold on.”  So I held on.  After a few seconds:  “Hello?” again.  This exchange actually happened three or four times before I was finally able to order some Whopper Junior and Veggie Burger value meals.  That’s when a new phrase was introduced into the conversation:  “What kind of drinks?”  My “Coke and Sprite” reply was promptly met with another “Hold on.” 

Believe it or not, things got stranger.

I pulled up to the window to pay, and the lady stuck her hand out as if she was signalling for me to stop.  Not knowing why she’d make such a gesture, I slowly moved forward, when she screamed out, “WAIT!”  Wait?  Why?  “THE VEGGIES NEED TIME TO COOK!  CAN YOU BACK UP A LITTLE?”

W… T… F!!!!!!!!

That was our exact reaction.  We weren’t allowed to see the veggies being cooked?  Timid and I were perplexed, and trying to come up with explanations for what was going down.  Possible theories included the staff secretly finishing a blunt behind the counter and the place getting robbed often before we arrived at the conclusion that there was no party and we were actually being filmed for a new spin off of Punk’d.  Incredibly, we eventually got our food but never did figure out why we couldn’t peak in before it was served to us.  I think we were too shocked to ask, but we did check our burgers to make sure they weren’t tampered with.

As it turned out, K. Woo was not an Ashton in training, and the party really did exist.  The spot itself wasn’t too easy to find, though.  It looked to be an industial area, and the outside of the club wasn’t too lit, so it blended in with the warehouses.  The inside was a whole different story.  It was set up quite nicely, resembling the kind of lounge you’d see in downtown Manhattan.  We grabbed a table and a few people came up to talk to me, including a dude who used to intern at Rawkus.  The atmosphere was nice and chill, until they started the performances.  That’s when it morphed into an actual show — which is fine, but not what I was expecting.  A few reggae singers blessed the stage, and there was one other Hip Hop act named Supa who gave me props, and his demo CD.  He actually did straight-up underground rap, which contrasted with the party vibe we were coming with.  By the time I got called on stage, I was in the mood to do something more lyrical, which was further fueled by some dudes at the side of the stage screaming, “Pizon!  You better go in!” (NY Hip Hop slang for “You better come with it”).  For the sake of sticking to the gameplan and honoring the promoter’s request, we did “Dreams Come True” anyway, but right when I mentioned that Family Business was coming soon, featuring Mr. Porter from D12, Timid interjected with, “Let’s do that song.”  That was not something that was planned, but we did have the instrumental on the CD so we rolled with it.  It was an intimate enough setting to amend the show from the stage.  That enabled both of us to “go in” (pause?).  As the beat faded out after the second verse, I just kept rapping until I was spitting acapella.  When I stopped, the crowd went crazy so that was my cue to exit.  I had given both the promoter and the fans what they wanted.

Right before I stepped off, I picked up a flyer and asked who there was actually “ready for Miami,” and most of them didn’t even know that’s how the show was billed.  My parting words were:  “Fuck it.  I’m always ready for Miami.”

Thanks to everyone who showed love after the set and gave me their business cards and/or CDs.  I’m down to build with anyone.  To the dude from Bed Stuy who was asking where I’ll be next, come out to the NYC Marathon show on November 2 in Harlem if you can.  To everyone who took pictures, post them up or send them to me on MySpace.  There should also be video footage surfacing soon.  Before I wrap this up, shout outs to K. Woo, Timid, Supa, Keishera, Troublesum (Reggae’s Next Superstar), Joe Manigo, DJ Fiyah C, the whole Fish Eye, and everyone else in the spot.  We need to do it again soon.

What you’ve been waiting for

September 23, 2008


The Family Affair:  Hosted by The Fans mixtape will be posted right here on the site later this week!  Thanks to all the fans who called in and contributed to the project.  We could have gotten a famous DJ to scream over the tracks, but we’d rather let you all represent.  It definitely gave the mixtape a more personal feel.  Look out for a million other artists to steal the idea now — just remember who did it first.  As previously announced, the mixtape contains new songs, freestyles, and collaborations from the whole Fam.  Aside from the lead single, nothing else on the mixtape is on the album.


Speaking of the album, look out for news regarding the release of Family Business in the very near future.  All I can confirm right now is that it will come out this year.  You can draw your own conclusions from there.  EJ gave his version of how the album came to be so I’ll give a little of mine.  In short, it was gruesome.  I did most of the recording and all of the mixing, and those who know me know that I’m a perfectionist.  It’s challenging enough to mix a solo album, but when you have three different voices on every track — and it’s no easy task just getting three people on the same page — it becomes even harder to make everything sound uniform.  The good news is that aside from having access to better equipment, my engineering skills have also improved greatly since my first album.  I can now hear sounds that most human beings do not register.  Of course, this is a gift and a curse because I drive myself crazy trying to achieve that flawless mix.  I actually had to take a vacation in the middle of mixing this album, because my head was about to explode.  The results were well worth the aggrevation.

Our first song for the project was “Long Hard Road,” which was recorded at Timid’s spot on December 2, 2006.  It was late night/early morning of my album release party/birthday bash, and we had a slew of artists in the spot so we threw a beat on and made everyone get on the mic.  I remember my homie Aday had just gotten off the plane from Houston and walked up in there with his luggage.  When I told him the house rule, he said “Fa sho” and immediately pulled out a pencil and pad from his shirt pocket.  Fifteen minutes later, he was in the booth.  That’s what I call a consummate MC.  We even made my girl Maria say something in Spanish at the end of the song.  That set it off.  I already had my “Dreams Come True” verse in my head along with the hook because I performed it later that night, but the song wouldn’t actually get recorded until 2007.  Most of ’07 and the first half of ’08 were spent recording for the album.  EJ did a lot of flying back and forth from Texas, and when I wasn’t hosting my TV/radio shows in Maryland, or working on And Then There Was One and doing my charity work in Virginia, I was traveling back to New York to work on Family Business.  Since about the middle of July, I’ve been primarily in the mixing phase.

I spoke about the improvements in sound quality from earlier projects, but I’d be remiss not to mention how much better this album is in all areas than our previous work.  That applies to all three of us.  Lyrically, vocally, musically, and sonically, this is the best album we’ve ever done.  Not only do we keep getting better, but I think we bring out the best of each other too.  Of course, you’ll get a taste of that this week with the Family Affair mixtape.  Back to the grind…