We’re all going to hell

Here’s a comment a Christian preacher left on The Fam’s MySpace page a while ago.  Apparently our lyrics suggest that we’re destined for the lake of fire (which, as he was so courteous to clarify, indeed means Hell).

I accepted your friend request but now I must drop you because your content is crude and wicked. The Apostle Paul said that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God and John the Apostle says that unbelievers stand condemned and they will have their part in the lake of fire (Hell).

I pray that all 3 of you would pray to God the father and ask Him to forgive you of your sins on the basis of your belief in Jesus Christ who loves you and gave his life for you on the cross. Turn away from your sin and turn to the LORD and be saved.

God loves you and does not desire that you perish (2 peter 3:9).

There is always a market for Christian rap music and its benefits are life and life more abundant!

Okay.  The irony is that Hell is actually an underlying theme on the Fam album, and we speak about temptation and the evil we see manifested in the world.  On “Inferno,” I talk about coming from Hell (metaphorically, for those of you who take everything so literally) and using the fire burning inside of me as inspiration.  Obviously, he hasn’t heard the album and is basing his judgment off one or two songs he heard on MySpace.  Nevermind the fact that all three of us are proactive citizens involved with charity efforts, raising awareness about pertinent issues, and registering people to vote.  We’re going to Hell because we rap about getting head from our homegirls.  I guess Satan doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Are these lyrics really so damning?

Artist:   The Fam
Album:  Family Business
Song:   Homegirls (Remix)

Ey, Pi! Let’s call your homegirls
Have Timid call his homegirls
I’ll call my homegirls
We’ll see if they homegirls wanna be our homegirls
Na’mean? It’s the remix!

[Hook] (x2) w/ EJ adlibs
Yo I’m trapped in my own mind, caught up in my own world
No wifey, I’m gettin’ head from my homegirls (uh!)
Tr-trapped in my own mind, caught up in my own world
No wifey, I’m gettin’ head from my homegirls (yeah!)

(They not gonna like you) Shiiit, I can’t blame ’em
Ma, I can’t be your man, I’m a little too famous
Nah I don’t want your number, I don’t care what your name is
I’m just like that scarecrow — gimme some brain, bitch
A bit outrageous but you seen who I came with
The Fam, goddamn, are we speaking the same language?
Look here little cutie, I came for a little booty
No Louie, no Gucci, bitch you’re just a groupie
I ain’t met The Fugees or rapped with Q-Unique
But I’m the star of the show, go ask them if they knew me
You might get a movie or a seat in the Jacuzzi
I ain’t R. Kelly, so don’t expect the room key
The game’s more counterfeit than three dollar bills
Here’s the deal, for a small fee of three dollar bills
You can audition to be my homegirl and see how it feels
We can have a barbecue, I’ll keep my meat on your grill

Hook (x2) w/ Pizon adlibs

She told me she loved me when we got back to the car
At the back of the car
Told the bitch “peace” and hopped back in the car
But nobody told her to stay at the back of the car
Fucked around and hit the bitch in the back with the car
While I was backin’ the car
Damn! I think I broke her back with the car
Oh shit! Now I got a dead bitch at the back of the car
So I took a bodybag out the back of the car
Put the body in the bag, the bag back in the car
I fled the scene but then ran back for the car
That’s when I heard sirens coming from the back of the car
Police telling me to back off the car (get back from the car!)
What? The cadaver started crawling out the back of the car?
I looked at the officer, we screamed “Bitch get back in the car!”
Yeah, you guessed right
I gave it to her mouth and by the next night, she was…

Hook (x2) w/ Timid adlibs

Yo, forget gettin’ brain, I want genius IQ
How am I degrading you if it’s what you like to do?
I make it easy for you:  Velcro in the belt loop
NBA style with the breakaway sweatsuit
Neck stiff? I got you — ill skills with Shiatsu
Don’t change the subject, you’ve got no excuse to cop to
No TMJ so that jaw needs to be stretched
And you better be aware of that dental like DDS
Shhh, let it happen, don’t ruin the moment
Nah, for real: shut up all that yappin’ and blow it
It’s a special time between a man and his homegirl
Where he sits back and zones out in his own world
Thinking Timid don’t like that? You must be deluded
Why do you girls think I make that Head Nod Music?
Oh, and it’s rude if I offer you a drink and you pass
What’s that funny taste you ask? Superglue on the shaft

Hook (x2)

No wifey, I’m gettin’ head from my homegirls (Yeah!)

If that isn’t a Christian rap song, I don’t know what is.


4 Responses to We’re all going to hell

  1. Terrence says:

    hey man i get this shit all the time

    besides acting, i work in a non profit catered towards helping drug using/ homeless, gay/bi and trans folk. Suppossed Christians tell me I’m going to hell for the work i do. Apparently they don’t read their own bible….

    jesus also said let he who is without sin throw the 1st stone, and the bible also says, Let God judge not man

    I’m not christian but was raised severely southern baptist and love pointing out all the hypocrisy from the right.

    Keep on truckin doin your thang!

  2. WynterStar says:

    Doesn’t the Bible also say that it’s only for Him to judge? I hate people who take one Bible verse and create a whole doctrine on it. This dude clearly needs to get a life. And He who has no sin can cast the first stone up in this bitch.

  3. EJ says:

    I had long arguments with that preacher after he left that comment. He’d disagree with you that doing charity work or any type of good deed would get you into Heaven too. At least that was the basis of one of his arguments with me. He said doing good isn’t enough, you have to pray and repent your sins to Jesus. So I can save people’s lives and be treated the same as a killer if I don’t believe in Jesus? Sounds kinda fishy to me.

  4. Pizon says:

    Who is he to assume we don’t believe in Jesus because we made a silly rap record?

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