“Dreams Come True” a radio priority for national DJs

Sirius satellite radio DJs The Wonder Twinz have named “Dreams Come True” a radio priority for this week.

Adds  //  ASN  //  Road to success f/ AZ  //  Soul on a Beat Ent.
Top 20  // The Fam //  Dreams Come True  //  La Scala Ent.
Top 10  //  Lady X  //  I’m Bad  //  Bar-Red Ent. Group
Top 10  //  Precise  //  Making Music  //  Get It Right Ent.
Top 5  //  B.A.M.  //  My City  //  the war machine
#1  //  Kelli Glover  //  The Get Away  //  Over da Top Ent.

Medium rotation:
Blam //  Flash Iron  //  Ramsay Records/Blamnation
Audbol //  First Time  //  EZ Love Records
Tap Waterz  //  No Friend Of Mine  //  4 Wheelz Records

The Wonder Twinz’ national radio show can be heard on Sirius’ Hot Jamz (ch. 50) every Saturday from 6 PM to midnight EST, and every Sunday from 8 PM to midnight EST.  They are also syndicated on FM radio in 30 different cities, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Tallahassee, Philadelphia, and Columbus.

Click here to see a complete listing.


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