Pizon and Nas Slay Fox News

The man with the number one selling album in America right now, Nas, decided to back up his brutal yet necessary words against the demonic Fox News with proactive actions yesterday. And guess who rode with him.

In recent weeks, Fox has pushed its right wing bias farther into the depths of bigotry than ever before: throwing around terms like “lynch party” during conversation about the presumptive Democratic nominee and his wife, describing their high-5 as a “terrorist fist jab,” calling her his “baby momma,” and “confusing” Obama with Osama then stating they both should be assassinated, to name but a few transgressions. This type of racism is all too common on its programming, and while I support the Constitutional right to free speech, it is unacceptable for such hatred to be spewed under the guise of NEWS. Call yourself Fox Bullshit, and we’re cool.

So Nas got over 600,000 signatures on his petition demanding that Fox News curbs the blatant racism. He decided to deliver it in person. I was there to support the mission and do some on the field reporting. Enjoy.

Also, check out this episode of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central which is brilliantly executed and has great footage of me at the rally with Nas (around the 4:00 mark of the ColorofChange.org Petition segment).


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