New EJ music featuring Pizon

I’ve been told my job is easy.  Lock yourself in a studio for 48 hours and then come talk to me.

With The Fam single “Dreams Come True” continuing to gain momentum, we needed to finish the album.  The idea to wait until the album was completely done before dropping the single was pitched to me, but I insisted on releasing it at the beginning of July because it’s a summer song.  It takes time to work a record, especially when you’re not playing with major label money.  I felt we were close enough to finishing the album to move forward on the single.  Waiting until August would have been a mistake.  Of course, that decision put the pressure on us to get the album wrapped quickly.  (That’s when magic happens, because one of the last songs we did will become another smash single, and it shall remain in the vault for now.)  Anyway, the plan was for EJ to come through the studio on Saturday and work with me all day, then on Sunday we’d have Timid come and finish his parts.  That’d complete the recording of the LP.  Unfortunately, Timid woke up on Sunday morning with a sore throat, so he couldn’t make it.  Instead of calling it a weekend, EJ and I stayed in the studio and kept working.  We ended up getting 5 songs done in the past two days.  You can hear two of them now.

After we finished our vocals for the Fam album, we started working on songs for EJ’s upcoming solo debut.  The first is a love song called “Forever Yours” that’s dedicated to his fiancee.  He told me he wanted to do a track on the level of an “Angel Wings” or a “Four Letters” (or even “View From Afar” from Timid’s last album).  By the time the second verse was recorded, we were fatiguing but I told him we should get the whole song finished before crashing out.  The last verse wasn’t even fully written yet.  Having just downed four Coronas and it being four o’clock in the morning, I remember telling him to say, “You seen how I proposed at the show, right?  Now we staring at the ocean for the whole night.”  He said, “But we haven’t stared at the ocean for the whole night.”  I was asking him, “So?” before finally offering, “Just to show you I don’t go through the motions like most guys.”  He replied, “Now you’re onto something!” and before we knew it the song was done.

The next EJ song is a collabo called “True Fans.”  He came in with the hook ready to go, but it didn’t have verses yet.  As I recall, we ended up falling asleep shortly after recording the hook.  On Sunday, we woke up and decided to finish this one off.  He put the first verse down and made a Taco Bell run.  By the time he was back, I had the whole second verse in my head.  I jumped behind the mic and laid it down.  He was like, “I don’t know how you do that, without forgetting the lyrics.”  For the record, I’m definitely NOT on the “I don’t write my lyrics down” bandwagon, but the simple fact is that I often don’t for the sole reason that my memory is impeccable.  I could probably recite this whole post back to you word for word without re-reading it.  Did I mention there’s no weed at my sessions?  Getting back to the song, it’s just a fun joint.  I finally got to make that “Stan” reference I’d been dying to make since signing with Rawkus.  EJ was saying that we’d have to parody Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn for the video to this track.  When you hear my verse, you’ll know why.

So, here they are.  I don’t encourage artists to leak tracks that haven’t been fully mixed and mastered, but E couldn’t wait to get some new music out there.  Plus, these are strong cuts so I share his excitement.  Although the Fam album Family Business is up next, “Forever Yours” and “True Fans” (featuring Pizon) from EJ’s forthcoming solo are now online to sample.  Hear some of what we did over the past few days exclusively at EJ’s Myspace page.

Now that the weekend is over, I’ll be spending my week resuming promo on the “Dreams Come True” single:  coordinating with the publicist, answering emails, recording drops, doing interviews, servicing more DJs with the joint, studying chart movement, getting CDs duplicated, and sending out more product to record pools.  This business is very rewarding, and I’m in love with what I do.  But let’s not call it easy.


2 Responses to New EJ music featuring Pizon

  1. loopergirl says:

    hey pizon all i got to say is keep doing what u doing cuz u doing a good job at it. I mean all three of yall r so just keep up the good work.

  2. Pizon says:

    Aww, thanks boo. =]

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