Show Recap: Side Street Lounge, NYC

Show date: June 20, 2008
@ Side Street Lounge
Ozone Park, Queens, NY

If you’re sitting by the bar at one of our shows, don’t think you’re safe. If you’re in the club, you’re fair game.

At tonight’s show in Queens, my dude EJ saw some people getting drinks at the bar when I called him on stage. He asked how long the mic reached, and I told him, “Not that long.” So he said, “You know what? I ain’t even gonna use this motherfuckin’ mic.”

This dude dropped the mic and went behind the bar. He’s almost 7 feet tall. Who was gonna stop him?

Then he walked back and forth and screamed his lyrics at the top of his lungs to the people who were getting drinks, while Timid and I backed him up from the stage. Definitely a classic Fam moment.

Not to be outdone, Timid went to the bar himself (only he sat at it like a regular person) and spit his “Dreams Come True” verse to a girl who was sitting down.

She turned bright red and buried her head in her hands.

We performed for an hour straight. Did 3 new songs off the Fam album for the first time, and plenty solo material. It was mad fun, but my head’s about to explode. I need some rest. Shout out to everyone who came out tonight.


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