Show recap: Philadelphia, PA

Show date: June 19, 2006
@ Undisclosed location
Philadelphia, PA

Sup sup. It’s 7 AM right now and as usual I figured I’d hit y’all with the “Pizon just came home from doing a show but he’s too excited to go to sleep so he’ll tell you about his night” thing.

First of all, this was my first time doing a show in Philly. The last time I was there, I was throwing up cheesesteak in a toll booth after drinking too much at Chrome (do NOT try to hold one of those joints down if you’re liquored up). The time before that, Analyze hit a pothole while driving my car and busted the tire. So… my luck in Philly hadn’t been the greatest. But I always loved that city anyway. It really is the City of Brotherly Love. You can say hi to someone on the street and they’ll say hi back to you. How crazy is that?

OK, so getting there was no problem. About two hours from NYC. No biggie. We actually got to the club before the promoter did (shout out to Jalima!). When we walked up to the spot, our dude Brian from Baltimore was waiting outside with a few of his mans. That’s love! Their drive was almost as long as ours. Now the pressure to put on a good show was really on.

I don’t wanna give too much away about the actual show, cause we might wanna do the set again, and damn it, you need to get your ass out to one. But I will say that we killed it. It was actually a Timid solo gig, so it was mostly his material with me backing him up, but I got to do my “Hip Hop 2 Me” verse, and our chemistry on stage was bananas as usual. I was supposed to perform some solo stuff in our second set, but due to time constraints that didn’t go down. Honestly, I wasn’t even mad, because by that point it was about 2 AM and I knew I had a long drive ahead of me.

But not so fast…

We decided to hit the highway and pick up some food at a rest area on the way home. Timid called Brian to thank him and his mans for coming out. He told us they were eating at the Wawa right by the club. Hmmm… OK, change of plans. U-turn, back to the club, let’s meet up with them and get some food there. As we were walking back to our cars, an SUV pulled up with three girls in it, who started screaming “TIMID! PIZON! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!” Worrrrrd? They were trying to get us to go to the afterparty at one of their houses. Timid was on some “nah, we gotta get back home” shit. I played the “well, I would, but TIMID HERE would rather go home” card. Yeah, we ended up following them to the afterparty. With Brian and friends following us.

After driving around Philly for what seemed like a long ass time, our 3-vehicle caravan finally pulled up at someone’s house. There were like 20 people there, and they were about to start barbecuing. It was close to 4 AM by that point. I think this is some sort of weekly ritual for these people. At the house, we were greeted with more love… Everyone went out of their way to tell us they were feeling what we did on stage, which is always good to hear.

Fast forward some…

I knew getting home would be a bitch, because after following those girls around the city, I had NO IDEA where I was anymore. Luckily, someone knew how to get back to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and I jotted down the directions in my Treo. As I was driving and reading them off at the same time, a stop sign crept up on me and I kinda half-stopped, half-rolled through it, RIGHT IN FRONT OF A COP.

Just so we’re clear… It seems that EVERY TIME Timid and I are in the car together, we get pulled over. Tonight was no exception. Except, this time, the cop wasn’t a dick. He actually let me off without a story, or a ticket! Just told me to be more careful next time. See, this is why I love Philly.

By the time we got close to NY, the sun was already up. But wait… apparently NY didn’t want me back, cause just as I was about to cross the Goethals Bridge, I ran over a big chunk of metal that got stuck underneath my car, and was making sparks as I was dragging it on the pavement. DAMN! I stopped and put the hazards on. Now, keep in mind that the bridge is right in front of me, so we’re on a two lane road with absolutely NO shoulder or median, cars swerving trying not to hit us, and a big piece of metal stuck under my car that won’t budge. I decided I would try to lift the car up while Timid removed the object. Hahaha, what was I thinking. OK, next plan… Try to jack the car off the ground. The problem was that the piece was more on the right side, and we were in the left lane, so there was no way we could get to the right side of the car without getting run over. Thankfully, someone called the cops, and for the second time tonight, I saw sirens. Except this time, I was happy to see them. He parked right in the middle of the two lanes, blocking traffic to the bridge, and we were able to get to the right side of the car to remove the chunk of metal.

Another crazy night… It was close to 7 when I got home… Now it’s close to 8… The exhaustion is starting to kick in. I think I am going to place myself in a well-deserved coma for several hours.


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