Show Recap: Parkside Lounge, NYC

Show date: September 19, 2006
@ Parkside Lounge
New York, NY

Zero hours of sleep going into my last show of the summer. How was I going to pull this off? It was the afternoon of Tuesday, September 19, and the last time I had slept was the night of Sunday, September 17. I desperately needed some rest, but time wasn’t on my side. There was still much to get done before the big show, which as EJ says must… go… on. This is the life you wanted, right Pi? Fuck it… I knew I had to make it to that stage or die trying. And I wasn’t ready to die just yet.

So I hopped in the whip and hit up Modell’s. Afterall, what’s a season finale without a fresh new outfit? Having grown up in Queens, I was proud that the Mets won the division title on Monday, so I decided to cop a Pedro Martinez jersey with the matching fitted. Even after knowing I was wearing a hat to the show, I wanted to get my haircut, because, well, I need to not only look, but feel fly on stage. However, by the time I got to the barber shop, all I was feeling was cranky.

I don’t wanna rap tonight… I just wanna SLEEP!!!

Luckily it was only a 20-minute performance… As I reminded myself that and exhaled a sigh of relief, my 2way vibrated to alert me that I had a new voicemail. I called it up, and it was Wynter, the show’s promoter: “Hey Pi, just wanted to let you know that we had some artists cancel on us, so we need you and Timid to go twice as long tonight.” As much as it sucked to hear that at that moment, the consummate artist in me considered that good news.

Let’s just hope I don’t collapse sometime before or during the show.

So I got my clothes, my haircut… I was ready to go. Well, kinda. I still hadn’t slept in 2 days. And since the performance was now extended, we’d have to put together a long set on a moment’s notice. It was now 5 PM, and I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day. After scoffing down two cheeseburgers and fries from McDonald’s (word to my all around healthy lifestyle), I called Timid to ask him if I could take a nap in his apartment. I was already in his hood because that’s where my barber is, and we’d be rehearsing and leaving from there later anyway. He didn’t pick up his phone, so I parked the car on the street, reclined my seat back, and closed my eyes. Just as I fell asleep, his call back woke me up. He’d be in the office until 6, but said I could pick up the key from him and sleep at his crib until he got back. As I layed down on the leather couch in his living room, I thought to myself, “I really hope he hasn’t done anything freaky on this.”

I might have gotten 20 minutes of sleep before he got in and we had to start going over the set. I tried to drag the nap out longer, but it was time to get to business. We put together a sick show, burned the CD, and started driving into the city. Well, I was the one doing the driving. It would be too easy to let the guy who had a full night’s sleep drive. I didn’t care, though. I was in rare form: delirious from not getting enough sleep, yet convinced that my short nap was enough.

Sleep is for mortals. I’m Pizon, BITCH.

Yeah, I was loopy. Switching four lanes, I opened the sunroof and told Timid to scream out “money ain’t a thang.” Then I rolled down the windows and blasted Spanish music, and waved back to everyone signaling for taxis on the street as if they were waving at me.

We pulled up to the Parkside Lounge and found a spot right there on Houston Street. I hopped out the Lex with a superstar swagger. I was looking and feeling fly. One of the female performers who shall remain nameless said, “Damn, you look good tonight, pa.” You already know.

Now, here comes the fun part.

Pacing ourselves for a long set, we were going to start slow and bring out the bangers later. But someone started screaming for me to do the song “(Head From My) Homegirls” and I’ve learned to give people what they want, so I went right into it. It was probably the most energetic performance of that song ever — Timid climbed on top of a piano, and I literally leaped off the stage into the crowd and bounced all over the place without missing a word. Well, I guess that’s not so hard when you’ve got the whole place shouting out the words with you. After the song, I was in physical pain from giving more energy than I actually had in my body.

Then… we introduced our special guest. Soce, the mothefuckin’ Elemental Wizard. If you didn’t know, he’s an openly gay MC — but he’s dope as hell! He’s brought us out to rock at his shows before, so we had to return the favor. And what better time than after a song about getting head from your homegirls? We ran the beat back and had him spit his own version of the song, called “Suckin’ Dick.”

Suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, WHAT?
Suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, WHAT?
Suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, WHAT?
Suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, suckin’ dick, WHAT?

The song is actually a metaphor about having to kiss ass to get ahead in the industry, but I think most people were just fixated on the fact that there was a gay rapper on stage proudly telling everyone he sucks dick. It also just so happened that there were a number of individuals in the crowd who were recently released from prison, so I guess Soce’s song hit a nerve with them.

We were later told that people thought Timid and I were gay, because we had a gay rapper on stage with us.


It’s funny, because we talk about girls in our songs all the time, but the second we associate with a gay dude, we’re fags too. I find that hilarious. I later pointed out to Timid that no one asked to take a picture with us after the show, and he said, “Nah… I think they’re pretty much done with us after tonight.” HAHAHA!! I love it how we can push people’s buttons sometimes, but we always get people talking. And thinking. And they love us for that.

Eight of us gathered at the Spanish restaurant down the block from the club and talked about what had went down. I took out my video camera and shot some good footage for my DVD. One of the girls who came to the show to see us lived in Brooklyn and was going to take the train by herself at 3 in the morning, so I offered her a ride home. By the time I dropped Timid off and got myself home, the sun was coming up. It was already Wednesday, and I’d slept a total of 20 minutes since Sunday. But it was all very much worth it. This is what I do. This is who I am.


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