Show Recap: Lizard Lounge, NYC

Show date: April 30, 2006
@ Lizard Lounge
New York, NY

What’s up y’all. It’s currently 3:30 AM and I’m exhausted but too amped to go to sleep, so I thought I’d give you a rundown of tonight’s show for those who missed it. (And if you’re in the NY area and you did miss it, you really should kick yourself in the ass.)

It was at a spot called the Lizard Lounge on W 54th Street. I’d never been there before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Apparently upstairs is a restaurant called Club Iguana or something like that and downstairs is the Lizard Lounge. Dope spot. I was feeling the ambiance. My only gripe was that there were tables which allowed people to sit… not a good look for a Hip Hop show. But fuck it… I was gonna rock it anyway. When I got there, Timid was already there, chillin by the bar. I said what’s good to him, and to Randy and Wynter (the promoters… MUCH love to them). We quietly rapped through some of our songs over the high tempo dance tracks the DJ was playing, to hilarious results. Then we received word that a film crew was interviewing artists outside, so we went upstairs and got our interview on. They had us sitting at one of those outdoor tables right outside the restaurant. So we were literally answering questions about Hip Hop on the streets of NYC, as pedestrians and taxi cabs passed by in the background. Neither Timid nor myself knew whether to look at the interviewer or at the camera, so we kinda kept looking back and forth. Can’t wait to see how that came out.

We then went back inside and waited for the show to begin. Not long after that, a young lady approached me and introduced herself as Hott Koko from myspace. Good to see myspace people coming out to the shows! She was with her friend Lucia, and Timid and I ended up chillin with them for most of the night. We had a lot of fun.

Finally, we took the stage. I started off with the “I Am Hip Hop” intro joint off my album. It was the first time I ever performed it, and it was actually Timid’s first time hearing it too (since I added it to the set at the very last minute), so he just vibed to it as I rocked it. Cats were feelin it, especially when I said: “I envision givin’ em everything livin’ inside of me/ A couple love songs, sprinkled with a touch of misogyny/ So fuck who you try to be/ I’m just me.” After the verse, I tried to get the crowd going with a call and response, and was like, “say ‘I am…'” but I think it caught people by surprise cause they didn’t say anything, lol. But then they caught on when I did the “say ‘Hip Hop!'” part, and from that point they were loud as fuck. Timid then went into a 16-bar intro verse of his own, and from there we went into the Scrappz-produced “We Got This” which is a straight spittin’ joint featuring a 24-bar verse from each of us. Big pop after that one. I then dug into my bag for an “I Am Hip Hop” t-shirt while Timid led a “when I say free, y’all say stuff!” chant. Me being the potty-mouthed heathen that I am, was like, “fuck that, this is a Hip Hop show… when I say free, y’all say SHIT!” And we actually split the club up into two sections: the “stuffs” and the “shits.” The shits won.

“Hip Hop 2 Me” was next, which was interesting because we usually close with that joint. We must have performed this one 50 times already, but it’s still dope so we still run it. For those who haven’t seen us live, what we do is perform the first two verses of the song over the original beat produced by me, then switch the beat up to the remix that was on the EP, and drop a “hidden” third verse over that. This is where I wanted to throw out the t-shirt, but for some reason Timid told me to hold onto it, so I put it down and prepared to go into the next joint.

That next joint was “Four Letters” (produced by Kno). Another first-time performance. I was nervous about doing this one, because it’s such a personal song, and I got choked up when we were rehearsing it earlier in the week. But I got through it fine. The actual song features a singer on the chorus, but for the sake of the performance I took her vocals out and did a call and response for the hook, and from my perspective the crowd was its loudest all night there. This is the joint about the abusive relationship girl I was telling y’all about (check out the Xtras section on my site if you missed it). I can’t wait until you get to hear it, either on the album or at a show. Best believe I’ma be performing it often from now on.

After that, I threw the shirt into the crowd. I never know where to throw the shirt when EVERYONE is loud as hell, so I just randomly tossed it, and some guy caught it, who later said with a heavy French accent: “I come from France. I will wear your shirt with pride.” Hahaha, nice.

We closed with Timid’s solo joint “Just Being Me” which is one of my favorite songs to perform (even if I’m just playing hypeman), because it’s such a fun track. I wanted the crowd to sing along to the chorus louder, but I think they were already tired from all the screaming we had them doing before. So we thanked everyone for coming out, plugged our sites ( and, as if you didn’t know), and went straight to the bar for more water. Haha. Another successful show under our belt!

Once again, BIG UPS to Randy and Wynter at Labirynth for putting us on, Timid, Hott Koko, Lucia, everyone else who came out, and every other artist who did their thing. I’m going to bed.


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