Show Recap: Karma Lounge, NYC

Show date: October 3, 2006
@ Karma Lounge
New York, NY

Watching the video footage from tonight’s show (thanks Josh!), all I can say is… Jesus. We killed it.

Anyone who thought I was going to phone my performance in tonight because I’m focusing on 12/2 left the Karma Lounge with their foot planted firmly in their mouth. When will y’all learn? I put my all into everything I do.

As you are well aware, a Pizon show doesn’t go down without some kind of drama. I spent my morning taking care of my grandma, who hurt her leg last night and couldn’t walk today. Horrible timing for that to happen, because I had so much running around to do (no pun intended) in order to get everything straight for the performance. Nonetheless, I got everything done in time and was good to go.

My first time at the Karma Lounge… it’s a hookah bar, y’all! Right there on 1st Avenue. Never been to one in NY before (I don’t smoke), so that was neat. The show was downstairs, and it looked grimey as hell. Think Fight Klub meets The Shelter from 8 Mile. With hookahs lining the walls. Fuckin’ incredible… I loved it. This was that real gritty underground shit (literally).

More drama (with a little bit of action adventure thrown in the mix) came when it was discovered that the club was in need of a connector piece for the second mic. Since all the Radio Shacks in downtown Manhattan were already closed, Timid and I had to hop in the Pi-mobile and trek from 1st and 3rd to Lex and 85th – that Radio Shack closed at 9. We left at 8:30. 82 streets up and 3 avenues over in 30 minutes. We just made it in time. I double-parked in front of the store, Timid ran in and bought the piece, and we drove back to Karma. Side mission completed.

Back at the club, me and Timid set the night off, because who can get a party started like Pizon and Timid? (It should also be noted that an online poll determined who would open this show, and Timid and I won by a landslide, with 50% of the total votes.)

After our intro provided by Herve Villechaize, I broke into I Feel You, a cut off my album produced by my homie Jusbeats of Versatile Music Productions. My mans got beats on the new Cam’Ron album, but more importantly than that, they made my LP with this song. Lyrically, it’s also one of my favorite joints on the album. The second verse in particular really drives the central theme of the record home. Without giving too much away, let’s just say there’s a reason I chose to perform this song at the Karma Lounge. Next, we went into Timid’s Free (Remix) featuring Cee-Lo. I know y’all bump that on his myspace page all day. It’s also one of my favorites:

We should be ashamed that
Mr. Wendell is still here, we spent billions to go there
The solution is so clear, but not profitable – we don’t care
Polluting our own air, getting the truth is so rare
Institutionalized by fear, for the future – it’s not fair
If we’re teaching history in order to learn from the past
Then it seems, in the present we’re presenting the wrong class

Church! Those lyrics send chills up my spine every time I hear them.

After the crowd favorite Just Being Me, it was time to step aside and let some of the other artists do their thing. We’d be back. Afterall, we’re the stars of this show – we may open, but that don’t mean we shouldn’t also close. It’s all about that primacy and recency.

I wanna take this time to give props to the other artists who did their thing tonight. Dev and Sug Mac killed it as usual… ScorpioBumpy JohnsonN.A.N.… all y’all held it down. So much talent confined to such a small space!

Finally, it was time to come back out and take it home. Let’s not waste any more time… I promised a special guest, and I delivered.

Ladies and gentlemen… SKHEME!!!

Even Timid had to get out the way as Skheme emerged from the shadows and we busted into our third-ever live performance of Do You Ever (the last time was last October – one year ago). And yes, it’s confirmed… Skheme will be performing a full set at my album release party / b-day bash on 12/2.

And for old times’ sake, we ended the show with Hip Hop 2 Me / Hip Hop 2 Me (Remix). Pizon and Timid, with the new and improved Skheme remaining on stage for the assist. It don’t get no better than that.

BIG UPS as always to the whole Labirynth for continuing to help push this movement forward. Everyone involved, all the artists, all the fans, everyone who’s reading this right now. You can’t even imagine the state of bliss I’m in right now.

I fucking love this shit, man.


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