Show Recap: Family Reunion 2007

Show date: December 1, 2007
@ The Creek and the Cave
Long Island City, Queens, NY

You know you had a good birthday when… you lose your pants and your keys.

I can explain. Well, kinda. My keys just disappeared sometime last week in the middle of frantic last-minute preparations for the show. I had a change of pants backstage at the show for a costume change, and when I returned after my first set, they were gone. Apparently someone thinks there’s value in Pizon’s slacks. If you see them on Ebay, holla at the kid.

I’m back at the office in DC with no keys to my apartment, so I had to get a hotel last night. The King bed all to myself felt nice. Saturday’s show was off the hook, but I’m so burnt out right now that I just want to play dead. It was great to spend the last week and a half in NY, but these have been some of the most stressful days of my life. You don’t appreciate how much aggrevation goes into putting something like that together until you actually do it. In the end, it was all worth it, but I don’t want to do it again EVERRRR (at least not until next year).

There will be lots of pics and video recaps, but here are some of my highlights of Family Reunion 2007:

-The club being packed before I even got there. If you’ve ever thrown a show before, you know that’s a good feeling.

-Performing “No Closure” with Analyze and an all-female step team dancing on stage (shout out to April and the Mount St. Vincent steppers!).

-New Pizon project “And Then There Was One” to be released before the end of the year.

-EJ driving 12 states from Texas for the show (26 HOURS), and absolutely murdering every verse he spit. I never saw him so focused.

-All the out-of-town love. EJ from Texas, Truplaya from Baltimore, I-Dog and Cho-Sun from DC, Krukid from Illinois, Janely and Dee from Miami, Randy and Wynter from Jersey, Barbara from PA, Timid’s mom from VA, etc. It seemed like there was someone from every state there, all coming together for Hip Hop.

-Yes, Timid’s mom was there. So was mine. It really was a Family Reunion.

-Timid’s performance of the new material from his album, particularly the third verse of “Bringing the Awe” (produced by Domingo) acapella. Scratch that… Timid’s whole performance was a highlight. It was his night to shine, and his album is STUPID DOPE. Go pick that up right now.

-Timid having to be literally carried off stage by EJ (WHILE STILL RAPPING) because he wouldn’t put the mic down.

-Cee Rock “The Fury” providing the beat box and comic relief throughout the show. He even busted a Hip Hop rendition of the wedding song (more on that later…).

-The Rawkus 50 cameos (shout out to Barak Yalad, Krukid, and Mr. Metaphor). Mr. Met’s acapella was retarded.

-The costume change for the Fam finale. My pants disappeared, but Timid’s furry hat saved the day.

-The birthday cake. To give you an idea of how big it was, it said: “CONGRATULATIONS PI, TIMID, AND E, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIZON” on it. In large font.

And, of course, the best moment of the show came at the very end:

-After the performance of “Dreams Come True” EJ got down on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Phoebe. She said yes! We said this would be a life-changing event, and we weren’t lying. When was the last time you saw a man propose at a Hip Hop show?

If you missed it, joke’s on you.


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