Show Recap: Crown Heights Park Jam

Show date: August 12, 2006
@ PS 191
Brooklyn, NY

Man. If y’all missed that show tonight… You know what, I can’t even call it a show. I don’t think I’ve ever felt better about myself than I do right now.

The joint was in a school yard in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. PS 191 on Sterling and Buffalo. The stage was built out of plywood and assembled before our eyes. The electricity was run via extension cord from someone’s house. No security… no bouncers… I’m talkin we outside, in the middle of the ghetto, mics in hand, let’s do this.

The place was packed, and as time went on, more heads started coming in. Who needs to pass out flyers when you’ve got loud speakers thumping in the open air? The entire hood knew what was up. Kids… teens… young adults… parents… grandparents… People in nearby buildings even climbed out windows and watched from their fire escapes. Does it get more Hip Hop than that?

When the promoter (shout out to The General) asked the kids who their favorite rapper was, one of them said Cassidy, to which she promptly responded, “Cassidy? Does Cassidy come to the hood and rap for you like this? I didn’t think so.” That sent chills up my spine, cause honestly… it’s one thing to perform at Hip Hop clubs in front of people who can see shows every day. But to do something like this… I mean, this is how Hip Hop started. The park jams. Everyone coming together, putting all the BS on hold, and having a good time. This is why I treasure Hip Hop so much. I was actually feeling so charitable at that point that I decided to change up my performance to make it more wholesome for the kids (I was later thanked by a grandmother for making that decision).

AND I ROCKED THAT SHIT. I noticed most people there were repping Brownsville and Sterling in particular, so the usual “where Brooklyn at” chants were replaced by “say Brownsville!!!” and “Sterliiiiiiing!” I think that invoked the crowd to near-riot conditions. Over the years, I’ve learned what I need to do to move crowds, and it’s always the little things like that. After I got off stage, a 2-year-old girl came up to me and said “that was good” and gave me a high-5. Then an elderly man in a wheelchair told me he loved my rhymes and that I was going places. Looks like I’ve got all bases covered.

Just wanna shout out The General (again) and N.A.N., my dude Timid, Agallah from Dipset, Jam Master Jay’s nephew (sorry I didn’t get your name), and everyone else who rocked tonight. That was a truly special moment that I’ll never forget.

It’s good to be Pizon!!!


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